Sunday, October 26, 2008

iPhone Apps for Educators

I have been using my iPhone for a few months. The iPhone has become a valuable tool for me in the classroom. There are hundreds of iPhone apps that are free or can be purchased from the Apple Store or directly from your iPhone.

The word on the street is that it is better to get the Apps directly from the iTunes Apps store and install them by syncing your iPhone. Some people have had problems installing Apps directly from the iPhone.

Here are five of my favorite Apps:

  • YouNote: a productivity tool which combines a note taker, camera, and voice recorder. I find it very useful for storing my "to do" items, photos, or a quick voice recording. "Do not forget to grade the period 1 tests"
  • Election '08: a comprehensive breakdown of current and past polling data on the Presidential Elaction. it breaksdown the data by state as well.
  • The New York Times: top stories and breaking news
  • Google: access to your gmail and other Google tools
  • Wikipanion: Wikipedia directly on your iPhone
Stay tuned as I continue to discover new uses for my iPhone everyday.