Friday, September 14, 2007

What hit me?

The start of school, that's what.
Each summer, I have great plans for the new school year. But then the first wave of kids arrive in my classes, the papers start piling up and screaming to be graded and...Well, you get the picture. One thing that I have been able to do is continue reading posts on a Google Teacher Academy group email. Today I ran across two tidbits worth sharing.

The first is a Youtube video by our own California State Superintendent of Schools, Jack O'Connell. Jack went back to school on the first day and posted a short video of his adventures. Most school districts block Youtube, so try it out from home.

The second is a blog by Chris Walsh, who is a Tech Education guru. Chris will be posting a video to his blog , School180, each of the 180 school days this year. He has two young children in a California public school. His videos will record is impressions of the school year. Chris is always good for a laugh and you might even be inspired to try out some of those ideas that you had this summer.

By the way, have you tried Google Sky?? If you liked Google Earth, then just wait until you look into the universe with Google Sky.

Now back to those papers.