Saturday, July 21, 2007

Email in Paradise?

Going on vacation means getting away from the normal routines and hassles of life. For some people, email and technology are included in the hassle category. However, if you need to stay connected then keep reading.

If you own a laptop computer, many resorts and hotels have Internet access available in the rooms or in a central location. Access can be free or pay by the minute.
Wireless (Wi-Fi) access is also becoming more common. If your laptop has wireless capability, then it might be worth lugging it through the airport. Check ahead of time to see if your destination has on-site computers available. If so, leave the laptop at home.

Internet cafes can be found world wide. For a small fee, email is just a few clicks away. Public libraries in larger cities may also have free access.

My suggestion is to find a nice beach chair under a coconut tree and forget about your inbox for a few days. The spam will still be waiting when you get back home.

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archangel said...

I stayed at Copal, a eco-tourism resort in Tulum, Mexico (70 miles southwest of Cancun) recently. A beachside cabana surrounded by jungle. The place was a true paradise, just like Bill's picture on this post, without electricity, fresh water, television, phone, etc. And yet, what was one thing they did have?? WI-FI internet access! Forget running water... give me the Internet!