Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blackboard 7

I have had a couple of requests for help with Blackboard 7 in the last week. If you used Blackboard last year and requested that your classes be transferred over to BB7, then you should be set and ready to go.

If you are new to Blackboard, then the first step is to set up your classes. To get started, log onto the IUSD intranet from a school computer. Select "Information Technology" in the left hand column and then select Blackboard. There is a setup wizard that will walk you through how to set up your classes. Course and section numbers are required so have your class lists on hand. It takes a few days for the setup process.

Confused??? John Pendleton is the new Guru of Blackboard. Ask him for help!

By the way, I love my new iMac. It is fast, has a beautiful 20" screen and works the first time, every time.


archangel said...

Oh ya? Well, Dells come with a nifty box with cutout handles that everyone wants...

Bill Butler said...

Amazing, Dell does it again!