Sunday, November 4, 2007

How to save video clips

Youtube and other video websites are often blocked by school districts because of their questionable content. However, there are many good videos clips that would be great for the classroom. For example, Youtube is a goldmine for science related clips. I was searching for clips about photosynthesis recently and found everything from college lectures to school projects.
So how can a clip be shown in class if your district blocks the website? The answer is Zamzar is a free program that will capture any video clip and save it for you. When you download Zamzar a button is placed on the menu bar of your browser. When you find a good video, select the button and Zamzar grabs the video, stores it on its website and sends you an email link for the download. Once the video clip is downloaded, you can save it to flashdrive or burn it on a CD to use on any computer.

In other news, Apple released its new operating system, Leopard. Leopard has about 300 new features. One new feature, Time Machine, automatically backs up your files to a another hard drive. If you do not backup, then Time Machine is for you. After spending all that time finding and saving good video clips from Youtube, a easy-to-use backup program is a must!


LNA said...

I got to use

they are amazing, they have got Document, Images, Audia and Video plus unit conversion.

I foind out that they also provide sending large files up to 300MB of size but it does not easily show, you have to upload the file then select the first option which is "Just upload to send"

Try it, it is lovely and can save lot of time

Bill Butler said...

Thanks for the tip, I will give it a try.