Thursday, November 15, 2007

Upgrade to Leopard or buy a Kindle?

For Mac users, the question is whether to upgrade to the new operating system, Leopard. When it first came out a few weeks ago, I was not convinced that it was worth the $129. After all, my new iMac running Tiger was great and did everything I needed. But now after I have read a few reviews of Leopard, I think it is probably a good idea to upgrade. Time Machine alone is probably worth the money. If you are like me, I forget to backup my files on a regular basis and have no real system for doing it easily. With Time Machine and an inexpensive external hard drive, backing up your files is easy and fast.

How about the Kindle, Amazon's new wireless reading device? While at Starbucks near UCI for my Thursday morning hot tea, I noticed a person using a Kindle at one of the tables. I asked him how he liked it and he showed me the newspapers he subscribed to on the Kindle. He really liked the ability to carry three papers in the palm of his hand and be able to get them automatically each morning delivered directly to his Kindle.
That sounds good, but my labradoodle would have nothing to fetch each morning!

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