Saturday, July 5, 2008

iPhone 2.0

If you gave the first iPhone a pass last summer, your second chance is just a few days away. The new iPhone comes out on July 11th at a store near you. As expected, Apple added GPS and 3G capabilities as well as dropping the price to $199 for the 8G model and $299 for the 16G model.

The price drop is a bit deceptive, because they bumped up the cost on the subscription side. The details are continuing to trickle out about the AT&T subscription agreement. But from what I have read, the low cost of the phone will be partially made up by higher rates for the 2 year plan.

I think many people will like the reduced price for arguably the best smart phone on the market and will put up with the AT&T requirements. At $199 the new iPhone will be too tempting for many people to resist.

So throw away your Blackjack and go stand in line!

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RogueTess said...

I am drooling over this new phone! But until the ATT 3G coverage map shows better reception where I live, I can't use one at home so ... pass again. :( Hope you're having a great summer!