Saturday, September 27, 2008

I love my iPhone...again.

I have returned to Apple fandom after figuring out why my .Mac mail was disappearing. Actually I did not figure out the problem, but my Apple guru, Bob H., did. Bob and I were rookie teachers together in Santa Ana in 1978. I always turn to Bob when I need computer, car, or electronic gadget help of any kind.

If you recall, The gurus at the Apple store, Apple online support and AT&T support had all failed to resolve my missing mail on Mobileme. When I explained the problem to Bob, he started asking questions about when my mail first failed to show up on Mobileme. That line of reasoning uncovered the fact that I had set .Mac to forward my email to my school email account two years ago. I rarely used .Mac mail, so that seemed reasonable. However, when I got my iPhone I started looking at Mobilme and my mail folder was empty. It did not occur to me that forwarding my mail was causing the problem.
Bob suggested I turn off forwarding and the problem was solved. My .Mac email started showing up in Mobileme and all was right with the world again!

I am really happy to be back to my old status as Apple Fanboy. Thanks, Bob.

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